Planning & Coordination Service Packages + Day-of Included

From "Will you?" to "I do!" Package options


Premium Planning for a blissfully wedding season!  This package provides comprehensive planning designed to present couples with a full service experience.  

Planner carefully selects venue and vendor options perfectly matched to your personal style, vision and budget. You choose from the best and leave the details and logistics to your dedicated Planner while you get back to life & focusing on what is most important to you!

 Package Highlights: 

Unlimited In-person Consultations 

Budget Management

RSVP and Special Request Tracking

Guest Lodging & Transportation Coordination

Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner Coordination 

Custom Design Service

Creative/Hospitality Services

Day-of Management 

Day-of Crew 

Investment Starts at  $8000 (Up to 150 guests) 


This package is highly customizable to ensure you get the support and services you want and avoid paying for services you don’t need. 

This package is ideal for busy couple with limited free time or who prefer focusing on enjoying life.  Similar to the Gold package, Planner will take the reins to plan your wedding, according to your vision and direction, allowing you to make all the big decisions. 

 Package Highlights: 

Comprehensive Planning

Six in-person Consultations

Budget Management Support

RSVP and Special Request Tracking

Styling  Service

Creative Elements 

Complete Coordination 


Day-of Management 

Investment Starts at  $6300  (Up to 150 guests) 


Eliminate the guess work and stress of planning your wedding alone. Enjoy a dedicated, professional on your team providing planning support you need with a balance of services you can customize.

This package is ideal for couples who want to do most of the planning themselves, but would also like help staying on track, in budget and direction along the way to create a successful wedding day.

Package Highlights:

Planning Assistance

Four in-person Consultations

Complete Coordination

Styling & Design Assistance


Day-of Management

Investment Starts at  $4600  (Up to 150 guests)

"Jennifer was so great to work with and absolutely worth what she charges. She had lots of great ideas and tips, was on top of the details, kept us organized on the day-of, and most importantly, she made sure that our set-up and take-down went smoothly and didn't involve my family working all day!  I truly believe that if you want to really enjoy your big day, you need someone like Jennifer. "

 ~ Chelsea (bride)